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Turn, turn, turn

The world turns inexorably on its axis. Here at Saddle Mountain Hostel the seasons have changed from late summer to autumn during the last few weeks. The tell-tale signs are there.  The days are becoming noticeably shorter, the leaves are changing colour and have begun...

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Chasing the Vuelta

It’s the last of cycling’s big three Grand Tours, the Vuelta a España and as usual we’ve been following the race on TV. Covering over 3,000km in 21 days that’s a lot of time spent on the sofa cheering on our favourites so to counteract...

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We live in a rainforest

It’s high summer here in Invergarry. In the Scottish Highlands that means one thing - rain. You see, we live on the edge of a rainforest. Not a tropical one (we’re nowhere near the Equator) but a temperate one. They aren’t as well known as their...

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