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500 reviews

Which one of the following reviews of Saddle Mountain Hostel is real? You'll find the answer at the bottom of this blog. [su_list icon="icon: compass" icon_color="#ac1416"] “Reminded me of the Taj Mahal.” “I’d rather stick needles in my eyes." “It’s like a hotel for walkers.” [/su_list] As a...

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One scoop or two?

Here at Saddle Mountain Hostel we are currently basking in a lovely spell of settled and sunny (if a bit chilly) weather. It is bringing out our hill walking guests in numbers to take advantage of the best winter conditions for a few years. It...

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A year in pictures

On 1st January 2017 I embarked on a year long New Year’s resolution. The first part of my resolution was to spend some time outdoors being active every day.  The second part was to create a photomontage for the year by taking a picture of...

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