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Happy Christmas!

This time last year when we wrote our Christmas blog we were knee-deep in our drying room project and hostel redecoration. Fast forward 12 months to December 2017 and this all seems like a distant memory. The drying room has been in operation since springtime and we...

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Postcard from Patagonia

It was with much excitement that we headed off on our annual holiday to Patagonia in November. It's not our first visit to the area. We were there in 1999 when we were lucky enough to spend 5 months in South America. This time we had...

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Turn, turn, turn

The world turns inexorably on its axis. Here at Saddle Mountain Hostel the seasons have changed from late summer to autumn during the last few weeks. The tell-tale signs are there.  The days are becoming noticeably shorter, the leaves are changing colour and have begun...

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