Saddle Mountain Hostel, Invergarry

Saddle Mountain Hostel is located in Invergarry in the Great Glen. It’s an area of outstanding natural beauty. Our wild landscapes, sculpted by fire, ice and water, are home to a diverse range of habitats and wildlife.

We sit on the Great Glen Fault, the geological strike-slip fault that extends along the length of the Great Glen. It splits the Scottish Highlands into two, the Northern Highlands to the northwest and the Grampian Highlands to the southeast.

See our recommendations on ways you can experience our natural environment when you stay with us.

Browse the photos in our gallery, or check out some of our favourite places.

  • We’re trying to create a wildlife friendly garden at Saddle Mountain Hostel. Let us know what you see and we’ll add it to our “Nature Log”.
  • Look out for the Highland cows, often to be found in the field next door to the hostel.
  • Venture out into our garden at night to star gaze or be lucky enough to see a display of the Northern Lights.
  • Take the Glen Roy road to see the glacial feature called the “Parallel Roads”. The “roads” are the remnant shorelines of a glacial lake.
  • Find out more about the geology of the area in the Lochaber Geopark by following the “Rock Routes” or a “Geotrail”.
  • Pass through the mossy and lichen filled Mìle Dorcha (Dark Mile in gaelic) between Loch Lochy and Loch Arkaig. It ends at the beautiful Eas Chia-aig waterfall just before you get to Loch Arkaig.
  • Continue along Loch Arkaig to reach the Alt Mhuic Butterfly Reserve and look for a rare Chequered Skipper.
  • Go for a walk. Try one of our “On foot” suggestions and take your binoculars. Look out for red squirrels, pine martens, deer, birds, otters, seals and much more. And don’t forget the plants and trees!
  • The Caledonian pines are our favourites but there are plenty of other habitats to see too.
  • Go Nessie spotting on Loch Ness. Or be the first to discover a monster closer to the hostel in Loch Oich!